Monday, September 17, 2012

Cybill Shepard

Here's another blast from the past, Cybill Shepard.  This is another of those women who in my youth were totally lost on me.  Later though I learned to appreciate them.  Cybill was a model turned actress.  She sure was pretty.  I think I may have started liking her because something about her looks reminded me of Marilyn Chambers, one of my all time favorite porn stars.  Marilyn was, in my opinion, the queen of porn, the top of the writhing heap.  She had it all, a natural and sexy body, intelligence, a boiling hot libido and the ability to let others see it on film.  To compare the two is a compliment to both I think.

As you can see for yourself Cybill sure holds her own in the sexy department!  Wouldn't mind taking a dip with her!

Pretty face and luscious body!

Such a warm and inviting smile!

 She knows how to do sexy!


Pantymaven said...

MY ALL TIME FAV!!! Did you ever see "the Last Picture Show"? If not, you should. To me that was the greatest movie ever and not just because she was in it. A great message (actually, a bunch of them) in it. Black & white, a Bogdanovich classic!

badside said...

Never seen it PM, but it's been on my "to see" list for a long time. Maybe it's time to move it up the list?!

perfect71ps said...

I was going to talk about an old friend who used to rave about "the Last Picture Show", ...

That last picture: that is a classic 80s nightie look, no?

badside said...

perfect71ps: I agree, classic look, beautiful isn't she?!