Thursday, August 30, 2012

Store of Lingerie

Hola!  Liked this pic so much, thought I'd share it with you!  It comes from an article about the Store of Lingerie which I found through a link on Slip of a Girl blog.  They, SOL, are celebrating 15 years of selling bras and panties, sounds like a reason to party to me.  LOL, the pic looks like some kind of dream a car and lingerie freak like me might have!


Pantymaven said...

Did you visit their actual site? If you didn't you should!

perfect71ps said...

That pic reminds me of Chantal Thomass, do you know them? Gorgeous underwear, very silly website:

If I didn't hate flash so much I could enjoy the camp.

badside said...

PM: I checked it out briefly, good stuff. I'll have to go back when I have some time.

perfect71ps: Thanks for the tip!

perfect71ps said...

Dear Fred

Another website you might like is Boux Avenue:

I love their website, and I finally went to one of their shops today. The ladies were so nice to me I confessed that the knickers were a gift to myself! First time I've ever told anyone IRL.

I've blogged about the adventure:

(Sorry if that's blog spam)

It's a lovely website and a lovely shop (and their knickers are lovely too: I'm wearing the Ditsy print Frilly Milly briefs as I write)

Best wishes