Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Babydoll

Ufanyihadjei Readers! Ready for a wonderful weekend? I am! I'm really looking forward to wearing my new babydoll nightie pictured above. Isn't it cute? The actual color is an eye burning neon pink. The lace is soft to the touch and the overall quality is good.

The babydoll actually came with a matching thong, made of a mesh material, the color matches exactly, very nice. The material is nice and sheer so your admirer can get a good look and you can be a naughty tease pretending not to notice the staring eyes pointed your way. The adjustable shoulder straps have cute little bows on both sides in the front and a double hook clasp in the back. It's stretchy enough to make it easy to get on (or off) without being a contortionist.

There is an adorable ruffled edge around the top of the breast cups. Those cups being foam and preshaped. This is my only real gripe about the piece, as I would have preferred the cups be soft triangles of sheer material instead. The cups are covered with the same sheer material, but since they have foam under them, there is no way of seeing through them.

I especially like the cute ruffle accent at the waist, a nice touch that gives it a little more feminine flair. It comes in three colors, neon pink as pictured, black and an off white. Not sure why I chose pink, I guess maybe I wanted something ultra fem or something? It's very cute though and I can recommend it to anyone looking for a babydoll to add to their collection (or start a collection).

So you're probably wondering where and how much right? The where is 4 eva twen tee wun (sound it out people) and the price was a very reasonable $15. Go on down to the mall and get yourself one this weekend! Can't you imagine yourself traipsing about the house all weekend in this, sipping coffee and reading the news while you lay on your tummy with a leg up in the air?


Sheen V said...

Verrrry nice!!

badside said...

Thanks Sheen, maybe I influenced you to buy one for yourself?!! ;^)