Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Colonel Wilma Deering

Hola Readers! Did everyone get those pesky taxes finished up on time? Hope so. Don't you hate doing taxes? Why do they need to be so complicated? Wouldn't it be nice to go back to simpler times, when your biggest worry was if you missed your favorite TV show? I've always liked Sci Fi as a genre when it comes to TV and movies, not sure what about it appeals so much to me, maybe it's the possibilities for the future.

One show that was always pretty campy, but fun to watch was, you guessed it "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century". The show seemed to have a never ending line of hotties for Buck to flirt with including noted women like Playboy's Dorothy Stratten, and future stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Markie Post. The leading lady was the one for me though, Colonel Wilma Deering, played by the pulse raising Erin Grey. Her beauty was far too great for my little boy brain to handle back then, she was just mind bogglingly gorgeous. I know some trolls like to bag on her about being too skinny, but to me she was sexy as heck.

This was when Hollywood was first coming around to ideas that women could be strong and sexy and smart all at the same time. Erin played the character perfectly and was a good match for the machismo of Buck Rogers.

The show was not the biggest hit, but it does have a following, me included, who still love it and bought it on DVD. One cool thing about the TV series set is it also has the theatrical version of the pilot in it. All I can say is if you're a fan of camp you HAVE to see the opening title sequence of the movie! It's so cheesy, I just love it. It's sort of a takeoff of the old James Bond titles. I've embedded a poor copy I found below, the DVD is much better.


Sheen V said...

Damn, you keep hitting all of the right buttons for me! Great post!

badside said...

LOL, thanks Sheen, glad you liked it.

Pantymaven said...

Very sexy lady!!!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere on my blog I've posted that Erin Grey initiated my sexual awakening. I've searched the internet from time to time looking for that picture. My recollection was it being on the back cover of one of Mom's magazines. Erin was sitting in chair, straddling the back folded arms resting on it, her body facing away from the camera as she looked toward it over her shoulder. My memory tells me she was wearing a black leotard, with the back cut very low. Her back swayed made it look like she was thrusting her buttocks toward the viewer inviting what? I didn't get it, but it was my first stirring. I'd guess I saw that picture when I was 4 or 5. And it's still in my head and jumps to the fore at any mention or picture of Erin. How does that wiring take place? Is it any wonder I'm a freak?

badside said...

Glad you like her PM.

JL: Wonderful memory, thanks for sharing that. If I can find that pic I'll post it for you, it sounds pretty hot.