Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Madison Parker

Ai Ka Readers! How is your week going? Ready for hump day? Just the name sounds a little naughty, doesn't it? Maybe it's just me and my dirty brain! How about the pics above to help you through the rest of the week?

Jamie Lin introduced me to this new girl in a recent post over on hur blog. There was a picture of a pretty girl with smoky eyes and beautiful raven black hair, her face was covered in the cum of two hard cocks she'd just satisfied. I was captivated immediately and had to know who she was.

After some searching I found out her name is Madison Parker and she has done quite a bit of porn, much to my pleasure. As you can see she is smaller in the chest, but what she has is very nice. I never judge by size but form and hers are calling out for a good sucking and finger tweaking. She also has a nice ass, something else I really like.

Well, just wanted to say thanks to Jamie Lin for bringing her to my attention and hope you all enjoy the pics.


JamieLin said...

Don't know how I get credit for this one, but ummmm, you're welcome?

Sheen V said...

I will have to study this more in depth ;)

Pantymaven said...

It's not always what's on top that's important... :-)

badside said...

JL: Credit where credit is due!

Sheen: There's definitely some nice sets of her out there.

PM: So true!

fred said...

I could dive into that!