Monday, April 16, 2012

Fem Foot Dom

Szervusztok Readers! How was your weekend? How about something to start your week off right? Something that will erase any other thoughts going on in that head of yours?

In keeping with my foot fetish theme from last Monday, I found the above pics for your enjoyment. I'm sure SOME of you are enjoying them MUCH MUCH MORE than others, aren't you? In fact I'm sure some of you subservient little worms are stroking your pathetic penises right now imagining it's you getting dominated by beautiful women. Worshiping their beautiful feet. Begging them to allow you to touch them. Maybe if you say please they'll let you rub their stocking covered feet and legs. Do you wish it was you lying on the floor being dominated completely into submission? Being made to lick her feet and shoes? Lying on the floor like a dog gives you such a nice view up her skirt doesn't it? It's too bad that's all she's going to let you do is look. No no no, you won't get to touch her cunt at all, that's for real men only, not weak pathetic sissies like you.

I really like the ladies in the top pic. They're outfits are so perfect and the shoes are so sexy! And did you notice the poor bastard in the third pic from the top having his face used as a toilet? Tsk tsk, pathetic little worm, take that piss in your face! The guy in the last pic seems to have been caught stealing panties. The ladies seem to have found a way to punish him!

The above screen grabs come from the site which looks like it could be a lot of fun for subservient foot worshipers! Are you one of them? ;^)


Pantymaven said...

No... :-)

badside said...


Sheen V said...

I certainly am!!! Great post!!

badside said...

Thought you might be Sheen! Glad you enjoyed the post.