Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Ica Readers! You may have seen this ad running recently on TV. I have to say that after the past ads featuring Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge that they really know their audience. This girl is a stunner and as I understand it is actually the real Miss Turkey. No wonder she won the pagent! She has sort of a Kim Kardasian look about her. Have a look.


Sheen V said...


Anonymous said...

That's a turkey burger I'd like to eat!

No Carl's my way, but back in the day when I traveled a lot, first stop after departing LAX was the Jr.'s. I think there was one on Imperial Hwy very close to the "Nude Nude Nudes." Anyone ever been in there? The strip joint, not Carls!

I hope someone has a clue what I'm talking about. . . .

badside said...

Sheen: Very Yummy Indeed!

JamieLin: Never been to Nude Nude Nudes, but I'll definitely have to put that on my to do list!

Anonymous said...

Fred, that wasn't a recommendation but an inquiry. I've never been, but driven past it dozens of times.

I don't even know if the club has a name--or a front door for that matter. There's just Nude Nude Nude, or maybe it says Nudes Nudes Nudes painted on one wall in that 60s psychedelic font. That shows how long it's been there. Since my first trip to Disney Land it's been iconic in my mind!

I'm almost 100% certain the club's not on Imperial but north of there on whatever the main drag is running east of LAX. It's all a little vague now. I've not been to LAX in more than 10 years.