Sunday, April 17, 2011

String Bikinis

Zhoyo Readers! I've noticed that there seems to be a small void in the panty world. What you see a lot of is thongs and G-Strings or grannies on the other end of the panty spectrum. In the middle you might find some boyshorts. What I don't see is many string bikinis. It's kind of strange because they were such a staple of any panty drawer before and now they seem to have almost vanished.

I did find the pink string bikini at VS, pictured above. I like that one a lot, very nice. I wonder if perhaps the panty pendulum will swing back toward the string bikini soon, or has that style of panty had it's day and is now banished to the big panty drawer in the sky? Seems like grannies were able to hang around all this time, but perhaps that's a comfort thing and has less to do with style. I don't know, what do you think?

Even those pictured above don't have the thin string joining the back and front panels that the old ones had; not that I'm complaining, you know I like that ruffling waistband. I've seen a few cotton string bikini panties at the stores, but not any satin or nylon ones really. Well, here's hoping that someone decides to make some soon.


Pantymaven said...

You're right... also missing are the original bikini's and hip huggers. In the newspaper inserts yesterday the bulk of the ads showed the boy short type. Not my cup of tea by a long shot!

nymph said...

i also hate boyshorts-- my favorite was always string bikinis, especially victoria's secret second skin satin string bikini. why have they gone away?

Sheen V said...

String bikinis are my favorite panty style!

JamieLin said...

I'm confused. Why "string?" Back when I was a boy, string bikinis literally had strings that tied at the hips. Anything else was just a bikini.

PM, you're old school too. Hip huggers. Sock it to me!

I'm cool with boyshorts. They can certainly be cute, and I like a girl with a little modesty now and again.

My "uugghh" is "french cut." Women have been sold they have a "slimming effect" and "lengthen the legs." Bull! They just make them look like they're wearing grandpa's suspenders. Did I say UUGGHH?

badside said...

PM: I don't necessarily dislike boy shorts, I actually like variety. Of course it all depends on the cut, color, materials and who's doing the wearing! String bikinis are one of my favorite styles and it's a shame you can't find them anymore.

Nymph: I remember those VS Second Skins. Think I have a few pairs in my collection somewhere, want to model them for me?!

Sheen: Yup, I luv 'em too!

JamieLin: Have to agree, the French cut is not a favorite with me at all either.

mandy19sissy said...

I love string bikinis as well, but also love boy shorts...covering up just a little can be sooooo sexy

Anonymous said...

Try Katie and Laura's Fancy Satin Panties at Just like the old VS second skin satin string bikinis