Sunday, April 24, 2011

Panty Stealing Laughs

In sticking with my recent trend of including little videos in my posts here's yet another one. It's about a panty thief and almost seems to be written or created by a real panty thief. What do you do when you get a pair of panties? Do you inspect it, look for stains? Maybe you sniff it or even lick it? Do you rub it on your face or somewhere else? Where do you hide it; in your pocket? This video is hilarious as it tries to answer these questions, have a look.


Pantymaven said...

That's pretty funny! But, in thinking about it I'm somewhat amazed how society has changed its view of stealing panties over the past 50 or so years. When I was in college we had panty raids on the women's dorms in which the school authorities had pretty much of a blind eye to the whole thing. Now if you get caught stealing someone's panties you can end up in jail with a record while a drunk driver can kill someone and get off with a fine and probation. It just doesn't compute!

badside said...

So true PM, just have a look at my latest post to see how truly wrong it can all go!