Thursday, April 28, 2011


OK, now this story is just plain scary and sad. A guy in the Portland area has been serving time for stealing panties. I get it, he took some panties and obviously a lot of women he stole from were freaked out, but this guy never confronted anyone, nor did he ever use physical force. In fact from what I gather, he just took panties when they weren't around. The scary thing is, they tried to make the leap of convicting him of the abduction and later murder of some poor woman. The murder was later proven to be the work of someone else that had no connection to the panty thief at all.

This man is serving an ELEVEN year sentence for stealing panties!! For crying out loud, people get off for murder, rape or drug dealing in less than half that amount of time. Is it wrong to steal panties? Yes, of course, but was anyone really harmed by this guy to the point that he needs to be locked up for that length of time? Heck no! This dude really got railroaded, the punishment does not match the crime. If anything he should have gotten a few months and parole with some psychiatric help. Here's a link I found:

If this doesn't drive home the fact that society here in the US is out of whack, it should scare the hell out of all you panty and lingerie fanatics. I've been saying for the past couple of years that you should be saving those receipts for all your purchases because you just never know if you might someday be the scapegoat in your area. You think, I just mind my own business and no one will ever bother me, but you just can't rely on that alone. Cover your backside and save those receipts, it might just keep you out of an eleven year trip to the big house.


Pantymaven said...

I'm with you... 125%!

Sheen V said...

I don't steal panties - I either ask for them or buy my own!

badside said...

PM: Crazy, right?!

Sheen: Very good Sheen, you get a gold star for doing it right! :^) Save your receipts anyway, just in case.