Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hello Readers! How is your week going so far? I found a sale you all might be interested in over at Maidenform's own web site. They have a few nice things that I'd like to try, although after my recent binge, I shouldn't and won't be buying anything for a while. Pictured above are a few of the things I found in the sale section. I own a few Maidenform items that I like a lot, although I also own some older things that the elastic has gone out on and had to be retired. The elastic thing may have been my fault as I seem to recall tumble drying them on low heat in a machine, which may have been bad for them. It was a real tragedy because they don't make those panties anymore and I really liked them a lot. I'll try and get a picture of them posted sometime so you can see what they looked like. I had three pair, one each in white, black and pink.


Sheen V said...

I really like the first pair!

Anonymous said...

Sheen: Me too! They come in other colors as well, thought the pink ones would look nice for the blog.