Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Other Half

Greetings Readers! How is everyone doing this fine day? As discussed in a prior post, I bought two items that were on sale at Frederick's of Hollywood at the low low price of two for $25. The first item was that white, ruffled back, satin garter panty. The second half of my 25 bucks got me this cute little chiffon layered mini skirt.

This gem is really cute with lots of nice detailing throughout. Starting at the bottom (usually not a bad place to start!), you can see the lace trim that goes around each tier of the skirt. Next the material itself, which is a soft and sheer nylon chiffon with thin vertical pin stripes. The color is "Buttercup" in case you were wondering, I'd describe it as a pale yellow that the picture accurately shows. The waistband has that wonderful lacey detailing, so pretty and not at all scratchy in any way. The inside is lined with a smooth quilted patterned extra layer that makes it harder to see through (you decide if that's a good or bad thing). The back of the skirt is slightly longer than the front which makes front access to the fun factory a little easier, spread those legs! ;^P

I actually snagged the last one on the rack, so you may or may not find this at your local store. The one I went to was a smaller store and the sales girl told me that I may have better luck at the bigger store if I wanted to find other things and more selection. All in all, I'm very happy with this purchase. I love to wear this around the house, with or without panties underneath. It's an interesting sensation to wear with no panties as the cool air goes up the skirt. Anyways, it's good for some fun for sure.


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