Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rabecca's Secret

Mija Readers! I'm afraid I have a bit of bad news for you today. In the past I have written about Rabecca's Secret and Panty Belles, two sites run by the same couple which featured mainly pictures of the wife, Rabecca. As you can see from the pictures above, she is a stunningly gorgeous blond who modeled various full cut satin and nylon panties.

Rabecca's Secret has been gone for a while, and I had assumed that Panty Belles would continue on in it's place, but sadly it too has disappeared from the web. I'm not sure if they ever signed off or if it just disappeared one day. I hope they're both doing fine and that the lovely Rabecca will continue thrilling us with her pictures in the future.


Sir Thomas said...

thats a bad good side...... right?

Pantymaven said...

I have always loved Rabecca's pix. Beautiful girl in wonderful looking panties in various seductive poses. It's a great loss! :-(

LDA said...

All I can say is she has beautiful eyes... The photography is excellent and yes a girl can be very pretty in those big comfy panties.

Hooray for big panties! That is what I sleep in!


badside said...

Sir T: Definitely!

PM: Let's keep our fingers crossed for her return!

LDA: I think granny panties can be SO sexy, it's all about who's wearing them! ;^)

The Full Brief said...

Hi there, Bad Side. Just wanted to share a few classic moments from the history of underwear in cinema; feel free to post them on your blog if they're good enough.

"Carry on Regardless"

"A Stitch in Time"

And here's an incredibly cute Eiderlon ad from the late 60s:

Please enjoy. Ciao, Full Brief.

badside said...

Full Brief: Thanks for the links, I checked out your blog, very interesting...keep the posts coming!

The Full Brief said...

Thanks dude, planning to post more in the near future. Please feel free to use any images you find on my blog; always trying to spread the joy.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone, this is Rabecca.I did signoff. I am doing very well but decided to start a family and now have children;) I appreciate your comments, thank you!