Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey Buddy...The Bird's Up There!

Nangga Readers! As some of you already know, I like erotica both new and old. I have a few old magazines that date back as far as the 70's. Some even have black and white pictures in them, something I doubt you'd see nowdays. Anyway, it's really interesting to look at those old magazines and see what the norm was back in those days. They're kind of a documentation of the sexuality of their time period. You see women (and men) with full on pubic hair, that's one of the main things that's changed a lot. The pics are more explicit now I think, although I wouldn't say that much more so that it's shocking in any way. Also, the hair styles and clothes are something that stand out as well, then again, lots of that is coming back too. If there are any panties, it's never a thong, mostly you see nylon grannies or bikini style. I just love the way they look, hugging and framing those feminine curves so beautifully.

I was cruising the web the other day and came across the above pictured magazine for sale. I think the ad said it dates from the late 50's. I can't help but wonder what the pics are like inside. That cover is hilarious to me. Wouldn't you just love to have this for your coffee table or to frame for the guest bathroom or something? What really kind of shocked me was the fact that Swank magazine had been around so long.


Pantymaven said...

I have a few pages from a very early Playboy (1956 or '57) hidden away somewhere. Back then it was really very tame. The pictures were supposedly of two college girls getting ready to go out on a date. They were in various stages of undressing (or dressing) and the ones in their panties (or course!) is what caught my attention.

LDA said...

Hi Badside,

There was such an art to glam back then, and a pose caught your eye and held your attention.

I love the high waist shorts in the artwork you posted. High waist pants have the same affect as wearing a belt at the navel over a dress with no curves, to give a woman back her shape.

I guess you could say the same about big panties... Some men still find them sexy I guess. In the movie "Bridget Jones diary" Hugh Grant just loves to see Bridget in her "Big panties".

Come to think of it, they do feel special when you walk about and your bum slips inside your pants...

And then the Nostalgia is just so wicked.


badside said...

PM: Sounds interesting, any chance you could do a post on that sometime?

LDA: I agree completely, there was a lot of art and glamor to erotica back then. I for one do find the granny panty to be quite sexy, although I do realize I'm very much in the minority on that.

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