Friday, April 30, 2010


E Ku Ale Readers! I was browsing over at Amazon recently and came across the above pictured book. Of course that cover shot caught my eye and reminded me of many of Panty Maven's posts. The publisher Taschen seems to specialize in erotic literature and photography books. I own some of their other works which are of good quality, although one book did have pages that were stuck together where the ink hadn't fully dried. It doesn't look good when your guests are thumbing through your erotic coffee table book and some of the pages seem to have been stuck together at some point! ;^P Awful isn't it, but the book came in shrink wrap plastic, so I'm quite certain it was new when I received it.

I do find it interesting that they chose an image of panties on a clothes line to capture the essence of a book filled with erotic pictures. That's really saying a lot when you think about it. Panties must have a very powerful meaning to the erotic centers of our brains. Perhaps it's like in real life, when a couple comes together and the panties are like a fine wrapping paper separating a wonderful gift from your eyes and hands. I suppose in that light, panties would make perfect sense as a cover shot for this book.


Pantymaven said...

Seeing the pictures of a pair of panties on a clothesline is such a turn on for me. Growing up in a time before clothes dryers made panty peeking on a clothesline a daily part of my Summers. I think I mentioned a trip not too long ago into the Amish part of Pennsylvania. Clothes were still being hung outdoors and I had a "blast from the past" as I slowed down to see panties hanging on the lines.

LDA said...

We (lingerie addicts) all know so very well that panties "are" art... to be worn.

Very "fitting" to be on the cover of such a mag.


badside said...

PM: Perhaps now that everyone is going more "Green" we'll see more and more people putting their laundry out in the summer sun to dry.

LDA: So true, what a wonderful way to put it, wearable art!

Sheen V said...

The panties capture the eye without being to overtly sexual. Children wouldn't think much of it. I'll keep an eye out for the book.

badside said...

Sheen: Let me know if you get the book!