Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Album Art

Leh Readers! Did you get your taxes done yet? Still got one more day. Maybe you need some music to listen to while crunching those numbers. I was browsing some music online recently when the cover art that you see above caught my eye for obvious reasons. That's classic rock band Roxy Music's "Country Life" album if you didn't already know. I listened to the samples, but it wasn't really for me, although I'd dang near buy it just for that cover! Somehow I doubt today's artists are daring enough to feature such a bold cover, too controversial. Let that thought soak in. Props to the band for selecting such an image to represent their work. The bra and panties are exquisite, so sheer and lacy you can clearly see what's underneath, love it!


LDA said...

So there I found myself...

Out of the Blue~

"All you cares
Now they seem
Oh so far away
All your fears
I fear I once shared
Now I know
There's a future
For all of us"

Hello Badside, Damn if you don't sound a lot like me in some ways.

Lingerie illuminates our femininity in each and every one of us regardless of gender.

I confess that my first post here was anonymous. I'm trying to keep to myself and simply enjoy life.

But your post on the Roxy Music "Country Life" album, an album cover that caught my eye as a little person, well it just held my attention.

I read that you don't care for the music inside but you should listen to the lyrics of that one song... and they had so many others too like "love is the drug".

You have a truly wonderful site and a fabulous "badside" and don't ya know that panties are the frosting on the cake.


Pedro Garcia Millan said...


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badside said...

Hi Lace, thanks so much for the compliments, and for taking a chance and coming out from behind the veil for me, you sure made my day! As for the music, I'll definitely have to go back and listen more carefully.