Friday, September 25, 2009

Funk You!

Nyang Readers! Well, the week is at a close once again my friends. Why not fix yourself a cool, relaxing beverage and put some music on? And what to listen to? How bout some good ol' fashioned funk?! LOL, I spotted this album cover over on Amazon and something about it just grabbed me. I guess I like the idea of a woman lifting the hem of her dress and slowly teasing me by showing me what delights are hidden up under there. First you see some legs, then the top of her stockings, then the garter straps, and after that, uh well, you get the picture. Anyway, the song is free (today), it's just OK to me (and yes I do likes the funks). Now, go make that drink, make it a double and make one for me too! ;^)

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