Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Walama Readers! I was cruising the web and dropped in on a certain retailer's site to check out their lingerie offerings. In the past I've had pictures pulled because I suspect the store didn't like my little blog, so I'm a bit more careful about my postings now and thus not naming the store except to say it rhymes with Grey Sea Benny. It's strange because you'd think with sales all in the tank these stores would welcome any free advertising they can get. Plus my/our pervert money is just as good as anyone elses, right? Anyway, that's a whole other post for a different day (rant). Getting back on topic, they have some tasty bits there, on sale no less. Pictured above is the store's own brand of panty, very nice! Stretchy nylon to stimulate your aching flesh as it hugs all those sensitive parts of your body, Mmmm! Love that lacy waistband, so pretty!

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