Thursday, September 17, 2009

See Thru

Foche Readers! Your week is almost over, hard to believe as it may be. Surfing the intranets, I happened upon these yummy pics of sexy singer Rihanna as she took a stroll in NYC. I just love a celebrity nipple sighting or panty peek! Thought you might enjoy it too. When I see pics like these the first thing I think is "Oh Yeah!". Then later on after my heart rate goes back down a bit, I start thinking that these celebrities must know that people can see their pert titties through the skin tight top they have on. I really don't care what the motivation is for them, as I enjoy the heck out of it all, but really though, we the public are getting played somewhat. I guess it doesn't matter since they get publicity and we get some cheap thrills; everybody wins!

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