Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey, What was that?

M'bote Readers! How are you, my friends? This blog passed a milestone a little while back. Any guesses as to what? Your very own Badside has passed the 100,000 hit mark! LOL, that's probably peanuts compared to many other blogs, but it's still kind of mind boggling to think that many people have read my horny thoughts over the last couple of years. Anyway, big thanks to all the regulars out there who have been cumming here, it's you guys that keep me motivated to continue writing (even you lurkers who don't leave comments). Believe me when I say my mind is always spewing out dirty, nasty, horny thoughts so the well may never run dry in that department, but it's still not easy to come up with posts on a regular basis. I hope you all stick around for more and keep my dirty mind going strong! Oh and in case you were wondering, the above pic comes from VS and their new "The Lacie" line of panties.


Pantymaven said...

I'd take the model before the panties!!!

Sheen V said...

Congrats on 100K!

oldblue said...

I suppose I keep up in the thouhgts department, just don't have the ambition to write them down. So keep posting and I'll keep reading.

badside said...

PM: She's a beauty, yes!

Sheen: TY!

Blue: Fine by me, always glad to have you around. :^D