Thursday, April 03, 2008

80's VPL

Bonjour Mon Amis! How are you today? Well, the weekend is almost upon us. Last night I was indulging myself in some 80's movie fun. The film, "Fright Night" is typical 80's fair, a teenage boy has a vampire move in next door and no one believes him. What does any of this have to do with my naughty little blog? Well, a few minutes in, we are treated to a very nice VPL scene. A hooker gets out of a cab and shows us her long legs and VPL. Apparently hookers wore full back panties in the 80's! I've included a front shot as well, so you could see her face and whole outfit. Don't you just love the 80's?! Oh, and the movie? Not bad, predictable, if anything, but still fun to watch.

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Pantymaven said...

AH YES!!!! See my comment on your previous post.