Friday, May 18, 2007

Self Pleasure on TV?

Ah, the weekend is upon us again my friends. It's been a stressful couple of weeks for me lately, but enough of that, let's get on to the panty of the day. And what is that panty you ask? It's a Maidenform full back bikini made of sheer nylon. They're actually more of a purple blue color than shows up in the picture. These have a wonderful feel to them, silky and stretchy at the same time and with that see through quality that I treasure. I've had these a number of years now and they seem to be holding up very well. I bought these along with several others of the same in different colors on one of my panty binges.

I've seen masturbation joked about several times recently on prime time sit-coms. One was the show with David Spade, forget what it's called, but there was a young couple and they were trying to scrimp on entertainment to save money. The husband sold his Playstation (video game console) and was playing solitaire as his saving step and she was doing away with her hair color treatments at the salon. They both ended up seeing it was ridiculous and decided to have sex to make up with each other (they were both jealous of each other's spending habits). The guy told the wife he had just relieved himself and hour ago, so she'd have to wait.

In another show "Notes from the Underbelly", a couple is expecting a child, and the wife is experiencing nausea so they haven't been having sex. She feels sorry for her husband and so she sets up the house with candles and roses. When he gets home, he thinks that they're going to have sex, but instead she tells him that she understands that he needs some "special alone time". Funny stuff. In a third show with Jim Belushi, he tells his wife about an embarrassing incident that occurred when he was a boy and was caught in the act of self pleasure. Anyway, I take it that the mainstream is finally loosening up and thinking of masturbation as normal; a good thing for sure.

That being said, I wish you all a pleasant weekend, thanks for stopping by!

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