Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Scary Thought

Hello fellow panty fans! The panty of the day comes from the vast internet, a never ending well of erotic pictures and thought. As you can see, I must have some sort of fixation on this type of panty. Again, it's a ruffled full back panty, this time the ruffles are over a satin back panel. Very sexy in my opinion! I am at a loss as far as the maker of these beauties. If anyone knows, let us all know here at your bad side.

I was watching Law and Order SVU the other day. The episode was about Mariska Hargitay's character (Olivia Benson) finding her half brother. It turns out that her mother was raped and impregnated by this man's father. Since she's a cop, she checked into her brother's background and it turned out that he had been busted as a teenager for stealing women's lingerie from a store. The police were watching him for stalking women and breaking into their homes to steal panties. Actually, the local cops told her that he was suspected of breaking into women's homes and "taking things". When she asked what things were stolen, the other cop said something along the lines of "What else does a pervert take? Panties".

What disturbed me was that they connected this behavior to him being a rapist. Now, I know there is a big difference between someone who purposely breaks into women's homes and steals panties and a casual panty thief, who only may pilfer a pair if the opportunity comes by chance. Still, the thought that a cop would think of someone as a suspected rapist because of a panty theft is scary to me. I could just imagine some poor slob like me getting accused of being a rapist by the cops because he happened to pocket a pair of panties at the wrong time or place. I started keeping the receipts for my store bought panties a few years ago for just such a reason. I think if by some freak chance that a cop or someone found my panty collection, they'd assume all of them were stolen. My suggestion to you all out there is, keep those receipts from your purchases!


Anne said...

Ruffles look very cute if the panty is just the right style/cut.
That is a scary thought about how people view those with different tastes. In reality, you having a drawer full of panties proves nothing more than me having one... but you know how some people are. Sad that you have to save the receipts.

Pantymaven said...

Your are right! A mindset is hard to change. One of the basic tenets we are taught in this country is that an individual is innocent until proven guilty. In many cases, especially when "profiling" is used, they have a way of suppressing that idea. If you watch many of the cop shows you can see just how blatantly it is done. (I know... it's supposed to be fiction but the ideas have to come from somewhere... usually the RW {real world}. Once back when I first went to work, I had a situation where I was presumed guilty just by association. No facts... no proof... but I was denied the right to go to work. When all was said and done, it was proved that I wasn't involved but my reputation was sullied and finding a job in that field became almost impossible. No fun!