Friday, January 12, 2007

Spotted a couple for ya.

Howdy Panty Lovers! The panty of the day is another Victoria's Secret. These are ultra lacy and sheer tangas in white. The material is nylon and spandex, so it's slightly strechy and conforms nicely to curves. These feature a really pretty scalloped waistband pattern which matches the floral patterns in the lace itself, very nice touch and classy if I say so myself! I bought these perhaps two years ago, so they may still be available. Try them, you'll like 'em.

I spotted a couple of new panty peeks out in mainstream media recently. The first one is a Twix candy bar TV commercial. There is a guy and his girlfriend visiting her mother for the first time. This is presumably taking place at the mother's home as she is doing laundry. The girl and mom leave the room for a second to talk and the guy drops his candy bar in the laundry basket by accident. When the GF and mom come back he is holding up a pair of her granny panties and the mother says "What are you doing?" or something like that. Not knowing what to say, he shoves a Twix in his mouth. It's a pretty funny ad that I'm sure you panty lovers will notice right away when you see it.

The second peek I got was in the newly released DVD "Crank". I was not expecting to like this movie very much, but for some reason decided to rent it anyway. Overall, I found it quite entertaining in a comic book sort of way. The things that happen are over the top, but fun to watch, at least to my twisted and immature brain. At any rate, there are two scenes in particular which will be memorable to you panty fiends out there. They both involve the lovely Amy Smart. The first is Amy in her apartment lounging about in her bra and panties, a pretty matching set in a boy cut, lace trim, pink and white. Her butt looks fantastic in those little panties! In another scene she is stepping out of a window from a warehouse and when she lifts her leg to get through the opening, we get a wonderful shot of her panties. The panty pervert in me had to go back after the movie and freeze frame it! It is VERY clear in freeze frame and a lovely shot indeed!

I was out walking by the water the other day and it was pretty windy. I noticed a couple walking out toward the water. Actually, I noticed the girl in the couple, mostly because she was wearing a short and very pretty ruffle skirt in white. They ended up about maybe fifty feet from me and the guy started taking pictures of her. What caught my eye then was that he was kneeling behind her. It was almost like he was trying to get a tease shot. With he wind whipping her skirt, I was just hoping the hem would come up so I could see her panties! Unfortunately, I was with company, so I couldn't stare too long or stand and watch, so I never got to see if her panties got exposed, or if the guy ended up shooting some upskirt pictures. They were looking around as if to see if anyone was watching, so i suspect they may have had that in mind (or perhaps that's just wishful thinking!).

That's all for today, thanks for stopping by!


Anne said...

:))) I love it when I catch someone doing something interesting or sexy like that.

Pantymaven said...

I was in Atlantic City yesterday for a trade show and, as is my habit at these sort of affairs, I wandered about the perimeters. I have no idea what led up to the situation but, as I approached this large RV that was on display I saw this woman (from behind) with her jeans around her knees and fumbling with something around her navel. She was wearing full bottomed bikinis or hip huggers. I stopped and watched for at least 15 seconds before she attempted to pull her jeans up. She started walking away, totally unaware of my presence. I tried, unsucessfully, to find her a bit later on. At least her backside looked pretty good to me. :-)