Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Inferno

Hey everyone! Thought I'd drop by for another quick post. Anne's posting about the Porn Inferno got me thinking about my own proclivity toward porn. I have amassed quite a collection over the years. I don't think it's because I buy more than the average guy, it's that I never seem to purge the collection as others do. I have some really old porno mags that I got when I was a kid, and they were old when I got them!

On the subject of why some people hide their porn, I think that maybe it feels naughtier to the person and that makes it hotter somehow. Not really anything against their partners, just maybe a personal thing.

Or perhaps because it's too personal a subject. After all, most of us were raised thinking that masturbation was wrong or dirty so we continue on into adulthood hiding our shameful urges. Another thing to consider is that the porn you are seeing is like a roadmap of the purchaser's mind. They bought those magazines and movies for a reason, something in them turned them on. This can be extremely embarrassing if not discussed in the right way. I mentioned in a previous post, a friend who's GF had found a couple of porno magazines in his apartment. Her reaction was to call him a pervert and make him throw them in the trash. Think of how much more fun it would have been if she had playfully questioned him about them. She could have imitated the poses the girls were doing to tease him. Or asked "hmm, I wonder what it is you like about this magazine, is it the panties the girls are wearing, does that turn you on?"

It's funny, the porn from my younger days is sitting around in a box, can't seem to get myself to toss it even though I rarely look at it. Somehow, I keep thinking with the internet putting porno mags out of business, those old relics will become collectible pieces of Americana. From time to time I will thumb through some of it and it's interesting to read the old stories and look at the old pictures and such. The girls still turn me on, even though the hairstyles (both above and below) are much different today. These are a future anthropologist's clues to our society's sexuality!

Have a great weekend!


Sheen V said...

I've always hid my magazines. When I was single and living alone, I just wanted to make sure that anyone visiting my appartment didn't stumble across them accidentally. That and porn magazines don't usually look all that great on the coffee table.

As far as purging them, I'd purge every few months or so, depending on how many I had. Some magazines have a lot of filler, or pictorials that I just didn't like. I'd either tear the junk out, or tear out the pictorials that I liked. Also, as the magazines changed (content, quality, etc.) I'd find that some of the older stuff just wasn't appealing anymore. However, since I stumbled on to Leg Show many years ago, I've kept every one.

badside said...

Leg Show...a favorite of Robert Crumb himself!