Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hey All! Just thought I'd check in here for a quickie posting, hope you don't mind. I've been kind of busy lately and haven't had much opportunity for "self relief" if ya know what I mean. Since I really don't know what the average libido is like, I can't say if mine is high or normal, although I doubt it's low. If I had the time I'd probably relieve myself at least once a day or maybe five days a week give or take. Sometimes I need it more than once a day, but usually that's enough to satiate the urges. I wonder what the average person needs or does in this area? I don't do drugs and have never really felt the urge to do so, although I DO NOT look down on those that do. I think everyone needs relief from stress in some way, I'm just fortunate that my own body provides me with what I need. I do think drugs can be destructive though, and I've seen first hand how out of control a person can get and how bad things can be. That goes for gambling and any other addictive behaviors as well. Everything in moderation!

I was thinking the other day about, what else, panties. More specifically, I was thinking about all those panty collections that are out there. Ross had a couple of articles about guys who were caught with huge panty stashes. It would be great if panty lovers could have some way of being able to pass their collections on to one another. I guess that's wishful thinking, as there is just too much involved with getting a bunch of strangers together like that, especially in such an intimate and personal subject. Well, there goes a few random thoughts for ya. Thanks for stopping by.


Pantymaven said...

I'm saddened when I read of a "panty purge" when the collecter feels remorse for one reason or another. That would be one case where your idea of being able to trade a colletion might work. Then, if the "purger" changed their minds he would have some recourse.

Anne said...

Sounds like a good idea for some people... but I personally wouldn't want someone's used underpants if I didn't know exactly where they came from and what had happened to them. Yuk. :p

badside said...

PM, that's what I was thinking.

Anne, I know what you mean, that is kind of gross, although getting a WOMAN's used panties does turn me on!

Maybe a better idea would be a panty museum of some sort, where the panties could be put into an archive or on display in the great "panty time line" exhibit!