Friday, January 26, 2007

Mapping the Mind

Hello Loyal Readers! It's the week's end yet again, can you believe how quickly time goes by? The Panty of the Day is a Partners brand, which as you long time readers already know is a store brand for Mervyn's. These are sheer thongs made of nylon. The sheer panels are not that stretchy and are made of a larger mesh, sort of like a small weave fish net type of material. The back panel is a tiny sliver which is barely bigger than a g-string. These feature a double string waistband just like the Victoria's Secret brand thongs they are meant to imitate. These are at least four years old if not older, and are holding up very well.

If you read my last post about porn, I mentioned that a person's porn collection is a map of that person's sexual turn ons. I guess you could say the same thing about a panty collection as well. A woman might buy a panty for several reasons; because it makes her feel sexy, for comfort, or just for the style. For example she might wear a low rise thong so that her panties don't show above the waist of her jeans and so that there is no panty line on her butt, and not at all because she thinks it's sexy. A panty pervert (me for example), buys panties purely because it's a turn on to do so. If you were to examine my collection, you would find that over the years I've been buying panties, there are definite trends to the styles that I bought. Of course you'd have to know when they were purchased to make a pattern out of it all. For example, today's panty of the day is a thong. I don't tend to buy thongs very often anymore, but at the time when I bought those, I did think they were a turn on. Makes me wonder if I should have posted my pics in a chronological order. Have a great weekend everyone!


dayaoyao said...
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Anne said...

It's interesting how things change that way. I thought thongs were super-hot at one time, now they're getting kind of old and tired. I'm on a big boy-shorts kick these days. You're right, because I think they're cute and comfortable. I don't think they turn me on exactly the same way as they do for you, but it is a turn-on in a way to feel sexy. :)