Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Welcome Readers!  It's hump day again.  BTW, you may have noticed, well those of you who comment here (not you lurkers ;^) ), that I've implemented the word verification doo-hickey for the the comment section.  Sorry, I hate those things myself and feel like they're such a pain in the rear, but in this case a necessary evil.  I've been getting swamped with "bot comments" for a few months now, and enough is enough.  Hopefully this will put a stop to it.

The pic above has absolutely nothing to do with bots or comments.  I was surfing the net and came across it (no pun intended) and liked it so much, thought you readers might too.  The girl is so cute/pretty, I love her pose on the hood of what looks like a Mustang.  Remember when car hoods were thick enough to sit on and they wouldn't dent?  I hate cigarettes, but have to admit that she looks so alluring with her vice in hand, whisps of smoke wafting away like good times gone by. 


perfect71ps said...

Dear Fred

Thanks for adding the doo-hickey :) A load of those spambot comments were being emailed to me.

And thanks for the pic too. You have a very stylish blog.


badside said...

perfect, sorry about the spambots e-mailing you! Thanks for the compliment!