Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Find pt 2

Had enough of hearing about politics?  Yeah me too, although I do hope everyone went out and voted.  Enough about that though, right?  For hump day, thought I'd feature another item I liked over at the new Frederick's site.  This one is called "The Ruffled Cami Doll".  As you can see it's chiffon, see through material.  Like the item featured Monday, this one has some nice details and sells for $19.97.  Ribbon straps that tie in a bow at the shoulders and the cute lace edging at the bottom of each tier and neckline are great.  Here the lavender top is paired with the not included matching ruffled panties, which I think were $10.  I definitely wouldn't mind adding that one to my collection!


Pantymaven said...

That... I like!

badside said...

Me too PM. Still not sure if they carry it in store or not, I'll try and find out.

Anonymous said...

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