Friday, November 09, 2012


Ah, Friday at last, right?!  Well, to kick start the weekend, how about a foot fetish Friday post here?  And what better way than to keep in the theme of celebrating Frederick's new site, "The Find".  In case you missed it, this is their new line, designed to fight new guys like F21 and help people get some sexy on for a low price.  My only complaint is that they use manikins to display their clothes on the site instead of models, but I suppose it that saves them enough money to produce things at a lower cost, I'm OK with it.

Pictured above is the "Glamour Girl Lace Slipper".  As with the previous two items this week, these are also being sold for $19.97, so not too shabby on price at all.  These bedroom slippers feature a 4 inch heel and a pretty lace foot strap.  They come in a variety of colors to match your mood (or lingerie).

Don't forget about the sale going on at the site, 25% off and free shipping on $60 or over!

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