Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shopping Trip

As you already know, it's sales season in most of the lingerie shops right now. The VS semi annual sale being the big gorilla of sales. My friend needed a ride downtown the other day and it gave me the perfect excuse to go shopping afterward. I hit up both VS stores and let me tell you, they were complete mad houses! Throngs of thong seekers grabbing silky underthings and shoving each other looking for some panties or bras. Mothers with daughters, sisters, girlfriends and one lone guy, me! Actually I saw a few other guys there too, but they were all with wives or GFs.

I took a quick look and decided to hit Frederick's instead. What a difference, the store was almost empty, just a few women in there. The sales girl was very nice, telling me all about their specials and asking if I needed help finding anything.

Did she know? Of course she had her suspicions, why else would a guy be browsing the racks of lingerie so methodically, slowly examining each piece. I took my time, wandering through the store doing a thorough examination of all the lingerie. While I was browsing, a second girl came out of a door in the back of the store giggling and waved the sales girl to join her in back leaving me alone in the store. In fact they left me there so long I had to wait by the register a few minutes for her return.

When she returned to the register, the pretty sales girl gave me a smile. I asked if everything was returnable as I'd selected things from the sales racks. She said, "Oh sure, just make sure she doesn't remove the tags". Then she did something unexpected, she looked at me, kind of a quick once over, and said "Or just make sure YOU don't remove the tags".

What did it mean? I think she was confirming her suspicions that I was a perverted panty freak, a lingerie junkie who was headed home soon to traipse about in lingerie like a horny minx. Oh how right she was. I wondered what she thought of it all. It didn't really seem like a judgment, the way she'd said it. More matter of fact. I'd go so far as to guess she gets a fair amount of lingerie pervs like me in the store. I don't even recall my reaction when she said that to me, I think I just looked at her, smiled and said OK.

It was funny hearing her conversation earlier with a female customer. The customer was saying something about how it must be fun working there and then joked about how she must never see any guys in the store unless they're there with a GF or something. I found that to be quite funny myself as I stood there alone with panties in my hand.

In the end, I wound up buying a few items I'd found on the sales racks. They were already marked down and then marked down another 75 percent off. I ended up leaving with a camisole, teddy, mini skirt and panties for under $20, what a deal! The cami I bought is similar to the one pictured above, I'll be posting pics the actual item and my other finds soon.


Sheen V said...

The chance to hear comments like that is what keeps me shopping at the 'brick and mortar' stores!

Pantymaven said...

I remember getting a look at a Frederick's catalog many, many years ago and blushing as I quickly flipped through it. There were no stores like VS back in those days and some of the risque items in the catalog could not be found anywhere else.

badside said...

Sheen: I thought you'd like that part of my adventure!

PM: Interesting, didn't realize that Frederick's was a catalog store back in the day.

perfect71ps said...

How exciting!

(Hello Fred, I just linked over from Jamielin's.)

I'm sure a lot of men shop for themselves. Although I've never seen one --- don't know what I'd do if I did. The sales girls must know.

There's a department store here in the uk called Marks & Spencer, where "nice ladies" buy their clothes (and where I (used to) buy my knickers). I remember being very shocked when I read in the Financial Times that M&S was "*the* place for transvestites to buy their ladies clothes".

badside said...

perfect71ps: Welcome and thanks for commenting. That's so interesting that a financial paper would write about such a subject. Perhaps someone there has a personal interest in the subject! If I'm ever in the UK I'll have to give M&S a visit for sure!