Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pretty and Pink

Hola Readers! How is your week going? How about a lingerie review to pick up your day? Pictured today is one from my latest VS haul. This skirted garter thong features the cutest little pink cursive writing all over it that reads "Sexy Little Things", the name of the collection it comes from.

The skirt is a silky smooth nylon material, the thong being made of a sheer stretch material. The build quality is about average for VS, which is to say, pretty well made. The garter clips are metal, something I always look for in a clip (after I've had plastic ones go brittle and crack on me in the past). The garter straps are also removable another nice feature if playtime doesn't include stockings and a great feature which makes the item much more versatile. Also I can testify that the straps do stay on well, so you needn't worry about your stocking suddenly sagging should a strap not carry out it's duty.

One of the details I love about this particular piece is the two tiered skirt. The top area being the fore mentioned Sexy Little Things material and the bottom edge made up of a bright pink ruffled apron of the same material. It's a nice contrast and really makes the whole piece pop. The waistband is ringed with a delicate eye lace matching the lace edging the thong, a small detail, but something that again makes this piece feel a little more special.

Other luxuries include the, count em, four bows. There are two medium sized black satin bows at the front bottom edge where the two tones meet above the front center of where your thighs would be. A nice accent that leads to your legs. In addition to this, and further adding to the accenting, is a small open cross stitch seam that your admirer can see your flesh through. So teasing isn't it, and a wonderfully thought out detail that adds sexiness to the piece.

Out back you can see there is a matching black bow at the top and the waist appears to wrap around like a tiny sexy apron, tapering and meeting at said bow and providing yet another alluring view for your audience. The thong is a color complimenting pink and will most likely not be the main feast for the eyes, as it's rather subtle in comparison to the rest of the eye candy. You decide if that's good or bad, I'll call it neutral in my book.

Lastly, just for you, they put a tiny pink bow at the inside back of the waistband kissing the black bow on the outside, So cute!

I should also tell you that this piece is not adjustable at the waist, so picking the correct size is essential for a proper fit. The garter straps of course are adjustable, but not the waistband since there is no clasp there. I recommend you use your panty size to choose the correct size for yourself.

I did get this piece on sale, so there's a good chance you may not find one in your size, if at all. Still, I feel this would make a wonderful addition to your lingerie collection and would be well worth the effort to hunt it down if need be. I can and do recommend it to you from my firsthand happy experience with it.


Pantymaven said...

Is that what they mean "a little bit of nothing?" :-)

Tights Lover said...

Great review. Not always a fan of Sexy Little Things but this one sounds like a keeper.

badside said...

PM: For Sure!

Tights Lover: Glad you enjoyed the review. I really do like this piece a lot, but then again I tend to be a fan of VS lingerie.