Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Prijatno Readers! I've been seeing a sharp increase in fancy tights sightings lately. It started about half a year ago and has been rapidly increasing ever since. Now it seems whenever I go out I see a lot of women wearing these extremely complex patterned tights. Some I find to be overkill, just way too busy looking. Of course it also depends on the rest of the outfit as well. I've also noticed a lot of plain solid colored tights as well, which I usually find pleasing. I recall my PE teacher in grade school flirting with my teacher. She was wearing these black pantyhose and he took a notice. I forget if she asked or if he just told her he liked them. She wore them a lot after that! At the time I didn't really think much of it, but now I think they are/were sexy.


Pantymaven said...
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Pantymaven said...

It's what's under the tights that turns me on! :-)

BTW: here's a site for you to peruse..

badside said...

Some of the crazier patterns can be a bit too much for me. Thanks for the tip PM.

Sheen V said...

Love the tights - and wearing them too!