Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Gurl Sweats

Greetings Readers! How are we all doing? Is the holiday madness reaching a fevered pitch yet? Have you finished shopping for your family and friends? I bet you bought a little something for yourself too, didn't you? I did. I bought some new sweat pants. Boring, you say? They might be if they weren't women's sweat pants. I bought them at Tar jay on sale for like $14 or something. The material is nice and thick, yet soft cotton. What I like is that they're very low rise and the crotch is tight. I only plan to wear these around the house and since they don't have pockets, I couldn't really wear them out anyway. Maybe I'll wear them in the yard and give the neighbors a nice show! I like combining these with panties as they either just cover the low rise panties or expose the waists of normal panties. I found some pics of similar sweats (as seen above) to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.


Sheen V said...

Very nice! I love the cut of women's clothes - body hugging and sexy.

badside said...

Thanks Sheen, glad you like them. They do fit nicely. The only thing is the crotch area is a little tight and revealing, so best to stay indoors if you wear them! Unless of course you feel like making a little show for the neighbors!