Monday, August 16, 2010

Candy Blue

Ezender Readers! How was your weekend? Thought I'd start your week off right by offering up a panty review.

The panty of the day is a Candies brand royal blue and white g string. The body material is a sheer mesh with a crushed velvet polka dot pattern to it, very cute. The waistband is a scrumptious white lace which accents the panties quite well. In the front and center of the waistband they have added a bright pink bow; although many companies now do this I always think this is a nice touch and adds a little pizazz to the overall design of the garment. Another design detail that I appreciate is the back waistband being a full and wide strip rather than just a thin string. This accents the hips from the back view and adds a fullness that might not otherwise be there. It may not work on other panties, but I think that was a good choice for these which makes them a little softer in appearance and maybe a bit more cutesy than they would have been with an abbreviated rear waistband.

Overall, I'd say these panties feel well constructed. The materials used seem heavy and well made and the sewing itself is solid. That being said, they're not the softest to the touch, but they don't feel cheap in any way either. Right now, I'd guess they'd last a long time and offer up years of good use (or abuse). Of course I'll update you to any changes in that department if things change.

I bought these at Kohl's on sale for I think 5 for $20, which works out to four bucks a pop, not bad at all. I haven't seen Candies brand panties at other stores, so I don't know if they're a Kohl's exclusive or not, but if you want some of these that would be a good place to start looking.

Have a great week yall!


Sir Thomas said...

very bad but very good all wrapped up in one nice package....

Anonymous said...

T/Y Sir Thomas!