Sunday, October 18, 2009

Surprise Find

Niganisa Readers! Phew, had a rough week last week, including some major computer issues. I like to read the comics in the paper when I'm eating my breakfast, it's a great way to get the day going and relieve a little anxiety. Anyway, flipping to the comics the other day, I noticed the above picture (in grainy and black and white) in the classified section. Of course a picture of a woman in lingerie always grabs my attention, but the weird thing was that I had just seen the same picture just days before that at A Slip of a Girl blog (here's a link to the post). Anyway, I thought it a really strange coincidence and looked up the web site listed on the ad even though I didn't find the lingerie itself to be the sexiest thing. It really wasn't worth looking up in my opinion, as the site seemed pretty poorly executed. Small world though.

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