Monday, October 05, 2009

Polka Dots

Czesc Readers! Can you believe it, October is here already?! Thought today I'd take the opportunity to show off some more of my newer panties that I purchased in my last horny binge. These are again from Victoria's Secret, the Pink line to be exact. They're quite nicely made of a stretchy nylon fabric that hugs you in nice places. That is until the excitement gets to be too much and well, then only part of you gets hugged. ;^P Anyway, the designers have once again out done themselves in this example. Look at the pretty little bows on the front leg openings and the matching contrasting lacy piping around the waistband. So cute! I've included a picture of the back side too so you can see how they incorporated tiny polka dots on the back pattern as opposed to the larger dots used on the front. These guys think of everything, no?! Anyway, I really like these mamas a bunch and recommend them to any who might be sitting on the fence.


Pantymaven said...

Have you ever wondered how POLKA DOTS got their name? :-)

BTW: I'm hoping my 'puter is finally fixed...

Anonymous said...

You made me curious, so I looked it up. It seems the name came as an association with Polka dancing and music which was popular at the same time as the polka dot pattern in the late 19th century.