Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Shows

Buna Dzua Readers! How's it going? Have you been watching the new Fall shows on TV? I watched "Cougar Town" and thought it was kind of funny, if not very realistic. It stars the very pretty Courtney Cox as a 40ish recent divorcee. Her young office friend convinces her to go for it with a younger guy (she wasn't that hard to persuade). She and the young guy end up doing it on the first date which ends with her giving the guy head out on the back patio on a lounger. Unfortunately, her teenage son and ex husband walk in on them and see the whole thing. The incident gets brushed off pretty easily, but I think in reality the poor kid would have to go to therapy after seeing his mom sucking some guy's cock. Anyway, there's some potential there for this show to be good, but from what I saw on the pilot it was just mediocre. I'll be watching (and hoping) to see if it improves.

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