Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yes, Mam!

Degitte Readers! Hope I didn't scare away all my readers with that last post. Well, for those who were nice enough to stick around I have something exciting for you today. Recently, I found something completely new to me and something I thought some of you here would definitely be interested in.

Maybe you've heard of the acronym CFNM? I hadn't. It stands for clothed female, naked male. So what the heck is that, you ask? It seems to center around the fantasy of the females controlling a male. I stumbled across this web site and was very much intrigued. I happen to believe that we all have both dominant and submissive sides to our personalities. This cators to the male submissive and dom female.

Above are two pics from a set that has the ladies tying up a guy and making him wear panties. Then they tease him until his cock is hard and force him to beg them to let him cum. After they've had their fun, they leave him tied up and the hotel room door open so that the maid can find him and have her fun too! Sounds like something I bet a certain reader I know would love to have done to him, ahem, cough, Sheen! ;^)

Anyway, I have to say this is totally new to me and has me wondering of this is going to become a trend in the future as far as themes for web sites. Also, I'm curious as to whether this material is intended for a female audience or male. My guess would be the submissive male, but who knows. Perhaps this sort of thing can become a cottage industry aimed toward women.

I'm not a subscriber to the site, so I have no idea how good it might be or not be, but if any of you know, please feel free to comment for us. At the site, there are a bunch of sample sets to look at complete with video clips as well.


Sheen V said...

Your intuition was right! That's always been a fantasy of mine - just like in the pictures.

Anonymous said...

You certainly didn't scare me away, silly. :)

Hmmm... this looks like it might be fun. Just for role play though. I would be scared to really leave the guy lying there, hoping it was a horny maid who found him... not an easily offended maid, or a maintenance man, or the cops! (Oh no!) :o

- Anne

Pantymaven said...

You might want to go back to my blog, Part 6c, and re-read it. It was the one and only time that I've ever experienced something like this.

badside said...

Sheen: Thought you might like that!

Anne: Yeah, I think that the fantasy is the maid coming in and doing naughty things, the reality is not so much fun though! ;^D Or maybe the maid has her fun, then calls in a lady cop to finish everything! :^O

PM: I went back and read your post 6c, it does sound similar! Too bad you couldn't enjoy the situation to it's fullest. Although it still sounds great!