Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Hola readers! The following is yet another ode to a girl who knows how to push my buttons A.Secrets. Hope you like it.

That Bitch! She controls me with her charms, leading me with invisible strings, gently guiding me to do her bidding. She knows just where to go, to my center, to my core, to a place that the primitive me resides. Deep down, a caveman with lust that is pure, passion uncorrupted. The thought of her cunt stiffens my cock as the fire begins to burble up from my loins. Soon thoughts of fucking her are consuming me and I'm unable to think of anything but her. The smell of her perfume, her hair in my face, hearing her breathe as she coos gently from pleasure. I smell my fingertips and there's just a hint of her scent there. I want to lick my hand to taste her, but I can't, I'm in full public view right now. My cock is straining against my underwear and pants, trying to fully harden, but unable to. She knew this would happen. That's why she put her used panties in my bag for me to find. That's why she called me and told me all about the dirty little things she wants to do later. I long for the taste of her cunt, smooth shaved so I can grind my face into her, the perfect glaze. To feel her soft lips on mine, our tongues dance like swans on a lake. I use my fingers as I eat her pussy, licking and finger fucking, she screams with pleasure and it makes me want to do it more. I love watching her suck my cock. She makes love to it with her mouth, caressing it, cradling it in her hands treasuring it like heaven's gold. She longs for my cum the same way I long for her cunt. The smell, the taste, watching my face when I explode deep inside of her, our eyes lock, there he is, that caveman. When she crouches over my face I am looking up at all that is, all that I need. I see her cunt open and longing for my mouth, her tits swaying above, nipples erect and aching to be touched. She feels my hot breathe on her and she lets out a lustful growl from deep inside. Passion is everything, it's a magic potion that can transform the unattractive into the person that everyone at the party wants to fuck and fuck again. Bitch! You've made me so horny.

PS: The picture above is from the Panty Princess, a former panty seller, who as you can see is very pleasing to the eyes. Unfortunately, it seems she has given up the trade. I shall await her return with much anticipation.


A. Secret said...

Badside, you so know how to make a girl groan out loud! You've gone and gotten my panties all wet now. Mind if I take care of that while thinking of you? I want you. Just. Like. This. Pretty please?

Sheen V said...

I love how that pantie hides just enough of her to keep me looking for more!