Friday, May 16, 2008

In The House

Hola Readers! How have you all been? Hope everything is going well for you all. I've been a little busy, as you may have guessed, and so not too much posting going on here lately. Pictured today and the subject of the post is one of my favorite TV shows, House on Fox. Why do I like it? Well just have a look at the pics! LOL! Actually, they don't usually show scantily clad women on a regular basis, but this last episode was just a ratings booster (or is that pants buster?). The girl in the black lingerie is a stripper, not a regular part of the cast. The second woman is "Cuddy", House's boss at work. Here he is fantasizing about her while running through a diagnosis. Ah, the naughty school girl strikes again! Oh how I adore that outfit. They even got the ruffled panties right, bless the wardrobe department on that set! Sorry the pics aren't very good, I had to resort to taking snaps of my TV screen. You can watch the whole episode on the web too. Oh getting back to why I like the show. I like that House is a pill popping obnoxious jerk who really deep inside isn't a jerk. He does and says things that I bet we'd all like to do sometime, but of course this is the real world and we can't go around offending everyone without consequence. If we all acted like him, the world would not be a very pleasant place to be. Anyway, enjoy the pics and if you don't already watch the show, give it a try you might just like it. I would suggest that you rent the DVD's and start with the first season, as that's the best way to introduce yourself to the characters and story line, but it's not completely necessary. Have a great weekend!

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Pantymaven said...

Things have really changed in mainstream TV! It's hard to believe that you got to see this in prime time. It's about time!!!