Friday, May 31, 2013

Georgia Jones

Hola Readers!  How have you all been?  Muy Bien?!  I've been super busy and as a result very tired lately.  I want to keep this blog as something fun for me to do and not a chore, so even though I've had times when I wanted to post something, if it felt like work I decided not to.  Not to say I actually had any free time, I really haven't and that's been spent doing the "need to do" list.

So I heard a rumor that Georgia Jones was or has left the porn world.  If true, this saddens me greatly as I have enjoyed her work since I found out about her from other people's blogs.  Supposedly she turned up in a Pitt Bull video slash Fiat 500 ad featuring Charlie Sheen.  It's crazy the amount of cross marketing going on, kind of sickening actually.  Anyway, I think this is how she met Charlie Sheen who she is rumored to be dating.  What a lucky bastard that guy is!  Would love to live his life for a bit (without the drug addiction of course).  Anyway, I guess why the heck would she do porn when she can fuck a TV star and get free shit handed to her?

Hope the rumors aren't true about her calling it quits with porn.  If they are, maybe she'll come back when they get tired of each other.  Or maybe he'll encourage her to continue with her porn career!


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