Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Happy Hump Day Readers!  I saw legs lady again on the train yesterday.  She was sitting in the exact same place as last time too.  I'm thinking that's her favorite spot.  Will look for her there in the future!  She once again was wearing a knee length dress, this time a flower print number.  She's average in looks and body, good weight, not too skinny and not over weight at all.  About 5'6" or so with reddish brown hair.  She has worn big sunglasses both times I've seen her so I can't see her eyes.  She was wearing some bright red pumps with about four inch heels.  Interesting selection, as if she wanted people to notice her feet and legs.

I wonder if she noticed me as well.  Did she have any dirty thoughts cross her mind?  Could she imagine me spreading her legs and pleasuring her right there on the train?  Perhaps she'd think I was a pervert, and perhaps that would turn her on even more!  I may never know, or perhaps one day I will! ;^)


Pantymaven said...

My most recent upskirts have been on or around escalators. The most memorable was leaving the Metro and as an incoming train arrived the blast of air blew some of the shorter skirts up. The girl about five steps up was wearing a pair of multi colored polka dotted panties. She wasn't bad looking either.

Anonymous said...

She sounds pretty hot. I have spent many hours of my life wondering about women I've encountered like this. What makes them so hot to me is the mystery behind them. In situations like these I find myself wondering what kind of sex she's had and who's she's been with. Is she conventional in bed or a freak? What does she like?

The photo you found is entertaining, but if I were the guy sitting across from that babe I wouldn't have my head buried in a newspaper!