Friday, October 12, 2012

Anna Chlumsky

Hey Everyone!  Did any of you catch Law and Order SVU the other night?  They had former child actor now hottie Anna Chlumsky on as a guest star.  She is a really good actor.  The story was pretty graphic, and at times hard to watch because of the brutality, but I liked that the producers would push that far on broadcast TV.  Near the beginning of the show she goes to dinner with a guy who is supposed to be a big shot TV host.  She removes her blue panties under the table and slides them over to him on the seat.  Wow!  What a turn on!  They actually show the panties being stepped out of under the table.  Of course it probably wasn't her legs under there, but a person can fantasize!  If you catch the episode on rerun, I recommend it highly, for the panty scene and for the great acting she puts in.

Here's a couple of screen caps I found online from the show.


Pantymaven said...

I know that they sometimes wear two pair. That's what Jennifer O'Neill did in the movie Summer of 42.

badside said...

True PM. It probably wasn't even her legs under the table, but it made for a nice visual.

Anonymous said...

She was great in "In the Loop" as well.