Thursday, February 09, 2012

VS' New Line

Welcome Readers! How is your week so far? Almost the weekend and almost V day! Yup the final few days are here. Did you find something yet? Pictured above are a few items from VS' new "Secret Designer" line. These are much more expensive than standard VS faire and I have not seen any of the items in person, so I can't say if the quality matches the price. What I can say is that I love the designs. Remember my little rant about padded push up bras becoming the norm? That complaint is addressed here with these wonderful UNLINED bras.

It seems that that yellow/green color is hot right now, so if you're digging that color I suggest you buy some lingerie now. They seem to be carrying items in that color at a lot of places so you do have some choices. I'm especially liking that yellow chiffon set...WOW! These new pieces really hit the nail on the head with me by including lace, ruffles and bows, so eye catching!

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Sheen V said...

Very beautiful pieces! Thanks for the tip.