Thursday, February 02, 2012

Very Provocative!

Hola Everyone! So with V Day quickly approaching, I'm sure you must be at least starting to think of a few things you might want to get that special someone (or yourself). Either way, lingerie is the gift that keeps on giving and is always a gift for yourself, even if it's for her. Yes, you will enjoy not only seeing her in it, but the healthy, sexy glow she'll feel when it makes her feel sexy inside.

If you don't know her size, either buy her a small or give a gift card to the store of your choice. That way feelings don't get hurt which would definitely dampen the sexy fire inside of her. Don't forget to tell her how sexy the clothes look on her too, don't just keep those thoughts in your head.

Today's pics come from high end lingerie boutique Agent Provocateur. This is a site you should definitely check out and even if you can't afford anything right now, add to your mental wish list. As you can see, the photography alone is well worth the time of visiting the site for; beautiful pics.

The lower pic shows the Ariel collection of bra, garter belt and panty ($250, 190 and 220 each respectfully). That's a lot of money for some undies, but hey, if you can swing it why not. Would love to hear from any readers out there who actually own some of these delectable delicates.

On a side note, that lower pic of the girl with the mirror reminds me of what you might have seen in Penthouse way back when; the soft focus, dramatic lighting, the pose, even that chair, all very alluring.


Pantymaven said...

The Penthouse reference is right on. Back in those days they had it all.

badside said...

They sure did. Haven't seen any of the more recent mags so I can't really compare them.