Monday, January 16, 2012

Work It!

Hi Everyone! How was your weekend? Are your eyes glazed over like mine from the football marathon and beer guzzling you did all weekend? Just a quick note today. ABC is running a sit com about two out of work guys who find jobs at an all female sales company. They have to dress up and pretend they are women or be out of a job. The first show was pretty lame, the second was a little better. I'm going to try and give it a shot and see if they can improve and make it (or should I say "Work It"?). Thought some of the people who read this blog might be interested; it airs tomorrow night (Tuesday).


Pantymaven said...

My wife and I are involved in an amature theatre group for "Golden Agers" Because it's a small group we sometimes have to ask for volunteers to fill opposite gendered characters. We have one guy who played the Tony Curtis role in Some Like it Hot, He insisted in dressing completely as a woman, right down to the panties. He was quite he hit.

badside said...

Hmm, sounds like he may have ulterior motives for wanting to play that part! Nothing wrong with that!