Friday, January 27, 2012

Get Yourself Some...Lingerie That Is

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to wish you all a great weekend. If you're able to, go out and have some fun (or stay in if the fun will be naughtier there!). I spotted the above pic and am reblogging it from the Panty Freek Blog, which I've mentioned before.

Good lingerie should always accent and enhance a body. I've always had a lingerie fetish as long as I can remember. I love seeing a beautiful woman in lingerie.

The above pic is a great example of what I love about see through lingerie. It's a tease, you see everything and nothing at the same time. It outlines and accents those juicy parts. It's like going to a store and seeing something beautiful in that display case, it somehow makes you want it more. That's what lingerie should do to the body.

I was talking to a female friend and she was telling me that she didn't buy any nice lingerie for her man, and said "What's the use, it's only going to stay on for ten seconds". But that's not the point, it's so much more than that alone. It should make the wearer feel sexier. In fact a lot of the reason it only stays on for ten seconds is because the wearer is dripping with sex appeal (mmm), she feels good and the feeling is infectious. She can and should wear it for herself. Wear it to work under you work clothes, when you think of what you're wearing, you'll feel empowered and sexy and no one will be the wiser. Lingerie is your friend! And ladies, I've yet to meet a guy who complained that their wife or GF wore sexy lingerie. If he complains he has some sort of fear of losing you.


Pantymaven said...

I've always felt that lingerie should be considered a "tease". It allows me to have a hint of the "prize" that's under it... and that makes the "prize" more valuable.

badside said...

I love the tease factor as well PM!

Rebecca said...

I love lingerie. I think it is so much fun to wear. I will even wear garters and stockings underneath jeans. HA! I never know when I will be able to show it off so better to be prepared.

badside said...

Rebecca: You're my kind of girl; you can show them off to me anytime!