Thursday, February 04, 2010

VS Contest

Bziara Bbant Readers! Well the countdown to Valentine's Day is getting closer, have you bought anything for the occasion yet? While you're browsing for goodies for your goodies cruise on by VS where they're having the $500 "Wild Card" giveaway contest. It's free, no purchase necessary and you can enter up to once per day for a chance to win. I won a free panty with bra purchase so far. Good hunting!


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

sounds like fun!! there's no such thing as too much lingerie.
we are hosting a $100 lingerie gift certif. give-away at the - check it out.
xoxo alison

badside said...

Mademoiselle Frou Frou, what a great name! Thanks for coming by! I tried going to that site, but didn't see the contest.