Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ice Queen

Ezender Readers! How are you all doing? Sorry for my recent absence, I've been spread a little thin lately and with the Olympics on TV, it seems most my spare time has been zapped. I did get a chance to watch the movie "Whiteout" the other day. No, it's not about corrective typing fluids (if you don't know what a typewriter is, you shouldn't be reading this blog for a few years). ;^P The film is about a female federal marshal stationed at Antarctica who must investigate a murder. Of course the marshal happens to be drop dead gorgeous and played by Kate Beckinsale. The reason I mention this film is that right in the first few minutes of the film, we get a wonderful strip down shower scene of lovely Kate in her white panties and bra. To say her body looks spectacular is an understatement. Anyway, the movie itself is just so so, I didn't hate it, but I also thought it could have been better. Maybe save watching it for a hot summer day when you need cooling down, or on second thought maybe watching it on a cold winters night might enhance it and make you feel closer to the action. Funny, I did a little digging and saw some references to Kate using a body double in this movie, but clearly she didn't use one or need it. For those of you not willing or wanting to spend an hour and a half on this movie, here's a little clip I found on You Tube of the shower scene (no nudity)...enjoy.


Anonymous said...

My favorite, Kate is indeed a looker. She can still whip that English accent when she takes a notion too, and on all those talk shows she seems nothing but charming.

Sadly, she succumbed to Hollywood and had a boob job and was absolutely butchered! You can see evidence on red carpet shots.

Kate could also use some advice on her wardrobe. She is one of the worst dressed women. I'd be glad to take the job shopping for her.

badside said...

JamieLin: I read somewhere that she had a thing about her boobs being too small, what a shame, I always thought she was perfect the way she was. She's still super sexy though!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

Kate has an incredible figure - she's my inspiration for a better physique! i didn't know she had her chest done...oh well, to each her own.
xoxo alison